Pharma Marketers Must Fully Integrate mHealth in 2014

Marketing Mobile

mHealth has been the trendy word and focus of many industry conferences for a few years now.

But, are all pharma marketers embracing the full reality that is mHealth? Has it moved from a pilot discipline to an in-market must-have?

Clearly, there are some pharma marketers who are well beyond just starting to navigate this landscape, but the majority of them are really not ready to roll.

mHealth is a nice term to use in conferences, but what it really represents for today’s pharma marketers is the chance to jump in, head first, into existing healthcare communications technology. The platforms are already there, the users are engaged, the core behaviors are adopted.

Patients, caregivers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospital administrators are all mobile users, both professionally and personally.

  • 78% of U.S. consumers are interested in mHealth solutions
  • 86% of clinicians now use smartphones in their practice areas each and everyday. (Reference: booz& co. Infographic, below)

Thinking of mHealth as a channel may make it easier to embrace, as after all, it’s a channel that is reaching the world!

Over 1 Billion smartphones were in use in 2012 with the next billion in use expected within the next year. Ubiquity is a nice value-add.

Connecting physicians and patients with the right information, at the right time, the right way is still the big goal of all healthcare marketers and mobile technology is the direct route to that goal.

With more than half of all smartphone owners gathering health information on their phones it’s obvious that this channel is vital. Embrace it in 2014.

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